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A National Park Service Facility

Buzzard Point Marina is centrally located, offering ready access to the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers for both sailing and motor craft.

By water, boat owners can quickly make Georgetown, old Town Alexandria, National Harbor and other  destinations.

By land, the Marina is close to the Arena Stage theater, the DC Waterfront and Nationals Stadium. Restaurants, a modern grocery store and Waterfront and Nationals Park Metro stations are within one mile.

Buzzard Point Marina is an historic DC marina dating over 50 years. It has allowed DC boaters affordable access the water and boating for generations.

Letters were sent to persons with Buzzard Point Marina slip rental agreements in early September informing them the Marina is slated to close and they must vacate by December 31, 2015.

There are few other affordable or nearby marina options for Buzzard Point slip holders, or any other DC boaters, to locate their boats at. For example, the Gang Plank is not currently accepting annual slip holders; James Creek and Columbia Island have multi year waiting lists for slips of lengths needed for many Buzzard Point boats.  The National Park Service should be aware of the shortage of DC slips, as they participated in a 2009 waterfront boathouse row study with the DC Government, which identified that between 294 and 550 additional slips were needed for DC boaters - no slips have been added since that study.   

The National Park Service (NPS) has repeatedly denied marina management permission to make necessary maintenance repairs or improvements (except emergency repairs). Yet, the NPS now claims it must close due to costs associated with needed safety and maintenance improvements. At the same time, the NPS suggests it indeed does have monies to invest - based on input from surveyors sent to the Marina by the NPS - who note an estimated $350,000 to 500,000 in costs for removing existing docks and marina facilities, and the investments for changes to the waterfront including the installation of a undesired and wholly impractical boat trailer launch facility. We ask the NPS to share the Economic Impact Analysis supporting their proposal to close the Marina. 

In making its proposed closure decision the NPS solicited no input from the public, from Ward ANC representatives, or from Marina slip holders.

Neither the NPS, NPS Advisory Board or NPS Concession Management Advisory Board have provided transparency to the process or information used in decision making, or the identification of the actual decision makers. For example, there is no information available to suggest the NPS conducted the NEPA required Environmental Impact Study on the benefits of the current Marina operation, the negative impacts of removing docks and other Marina improvements, or the negative impact of any new development at the site. Similarly, the NPS should share their analysis of the total number of DC motor boat slips that will be available to serve the 2,622 DC titled boats, should Buzzard Point Marina slips be closed.

We expect more from our democratic institutions.  Buzzard Point slip holders, DC boaters, neighbors and our allies across the city are ready to engage with NPS - to understand their proposed closure in much greater detail, and to collaboratively develop plans to keep the marina open. 

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Boat owners, Buzzard Point slip holders, & neighborhood friends meet to discuss the National Park Service surprise decision to close the Marina on December, 31 2015.

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